Green Ginger & Fig Candle C.02
Green Ginger & Fig Candle C.02
Green Ginger & Fig Candle C.02

Green Ginger & Fig Candle C.02

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Feel grounded with milky notes of green figs, smooth sandalwood, and a hint of fresh orange peel. Enjoy a moment of natural tranquility as you light this candle.

  • 100% natural oils
  • A soothing and long-lasting scent
  • Non-toxic & pregnancy-safe
  • Eco-friendly

A gentle addition to your wellness experience, our candles are sustainable and reusable. Be as creative as you like in repurposing it as a planter, table decor, or makeup brush holder.

Top Notes: Fresh Orange Peel, Leafy Green Floral
Middle Notes: Fruity Fig, Ginger, Dry Cedarwood
Base Notes: Smooth Sandalwood, Warm Amber, Dark Patchouli

About Our Candle:
Our candles are one of the first non-toxic candles on the market, mindfully created from natural oils. Each of our candles is made with the perfect combination of 3 notes to create a soothing and long-lasting scent.

sundays is more than a nail studio. We are a nail care brand that promotes a non-toxic lifestyle. When we discovered the number of harmful chemicals and toxins household candles contained, we spent a year developing our signature candle scents and formula. Our candles are a gentle reminder for your wellness routine as well as a promise towards our non-toxic mission.

Does not include synthetics, petroleum (paraffin wax), parabens

Estimated Burning Time: 50 hours
Maintain wick around ¼ inch
Do not allow the candle to burn for more than 3 hours at a time